Over the last few weeks, you may have noticed an absence.

If you’ve noticed the absence, I applaud you. You’re a better, more patient person than I am.

If you’ve not noticed, then you’re in the same boat as us.

Ladies and gentleman, Outpost 31 has officially checked out of The Walking Dead. In fairness, only two of us have ever watched it and Dan gave up around Season 3.

I’ve stuck it out until the first episode of the second half of season 7. Even that’s a mouthful. But that’s the Walking Dead all over. Why get to the point quickly when you can take three years to do it?

This season in particular has been an absolute slog. And considering we had to go through Season 3, that’s saying something.

In fairness, I’ve not seen the last few episodes, but from what I’ve read, absolutely nothing has happened and I’m so glad that I’ve not wasted the energy.

The conclusion I’ve come to is that if you only get three good episodes a season, what’s the point? At the moment, we’re not even getting that though. We’re getting a good premiere and a good finale and I don’t want to sit there for 6 weeks in between watching someone bake cookies!

In essence, that’s the problem that shows without clear end points have. It’s not building towards anything and it becomes really tiring. The other issue is better demonstrated in graph form.

And repeat.

We’ve been in the same loop since Season 2 and at some point you’ll be so tired of fighting that you’ll wish the group all the best before you go on your merry way.

Not only that, but things like The Kingdom have introduced a bit of silliness that feels completely out of place considering everything that’s going on. It may as well be on Syfy it’s that daft. Or better still, take the tiger out of the equation and put Sharknado in there. Why not go full hog and completely mix it up?

So yea – Cheerio, The Walking Dead! It was fun (mostly) while it lasted.

Between us, Dan and I have devoted a fair bit of time to the show so it’d only be fair to reminisce about our (my) 10 favourite episodes.

These are the episodes that I want to remember The Walking Dead by and I’m getting out now before it dies completely. Enjoy the countdown!

10 - Season 6, episode 2: JSS

Alexandria is attacked by The Wolves.

9 - Season 1, episode 2: Guts

The horse, the tank and meeting Glenn.

8 - Season 5, episode 3: Four Walls and a Roof

The group set a trap and kill the remaining Terminus survivors at the church.

7 - Season 7, episode 1: The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be

Glenn and Abraham meet Lucille.

6 - Season 4, episode 16: A

Rick, Carl and Michonne kill the Claimers and join the rest of the group who’ve been captured at Terminus.         

5 - Season 4, episode 8: Too Far Gone

The Governor kills Hershel before a huge battle at the prison.

4 - Season 2, episode 3: Save the Last One

Shane and Otis are caught by a horde getting medicine. Shane shoots Otis and leaves him to die.

3 - Season 6, episode 16: Last Day on Earth

All routes are blocked by the Saviors. Eventually, our group are kneeling before Negan.

2 - Season 2, episode 12: Better Angels

Carl shoots Shane and the Walkers descend on the farm.

1 - Season 5, episode 1: No Sanctuary

Quite simply the best Walking Dead episode ever made. At the point of the group being slaughtered at Terminus, Carol goes full Rambo and the group escape the cannibals.