Now that’s how you open a season. Well, a mid-season. You know what I mean.

Rock in the Road took The Walking Dead back to basics and it almost felt like we were back in season one again. Ah, the days of season one. When things were simple.

Let’s face it, season one was the perfect season. It was 6 episodes long, had two great central storylines intertwined with bucket loads of tension and intrigue.

Rock in the Road delivered on that blueprint and as a result, it was an extremely enjoyable episode that I rank up there with one of the show’s best.

Not only did the storyline play out like a classic episode, but Rick is also back to doing what he does best. He’s calm, collected, driven and above all, leading. That’s the Rick we need for a strong show and based on last night’s episode, things are looking up after a pretty dreary first half of the season.

Let’s be frank, it’s relatively obvious how things are going to play out so I’m not expecting any major surprises. Rick is having trouble building his army. However, that smile at the end hints at the fact that he’s found greater numbers and will be able to bring them over to his way of thinking.

The only settlement left is the increasingly weird Kingdom. Sure, they don’t want to fight now but it’s only going to take a Pearl Harbor type event to bring The Kingdom into the war. My only hope is that’s it’s done by the mid-way point and we get a super strong end to the season.

Overall, there was nothing to dislike about Rock in the Road and all of the above aside, it contained one of the most breath-taking scenes we’ve ever seen.

The discovery and consequent removal of the explosives was tense and certainly got your heart racing. The following two car, wire slicing of a herd was absolutely inspired and the scope and filming of that scene will live in the memory for a long time.

Not only was it a brilliant spectacle, it showed that our group are all on the same page again. That in itself is really refreshing after eight episodes of Savior rule and a completely disorganised group of survivors.

More of the same please, Mr Nicotero!