No, The Walking Dead. You do not get to give me 6 shit episodes out of 8 and then give me goosebumps in the mid-season finale. It’s just not cool.

For a season that has had a different focus each episode, the mid-season finale gave itself a lot of work to do. But by God did it deliver. Everyone is ready to fight back against The Saviors and all it took was a little more brutality from our favourite bad guy for it to happen.

Let’s face it; we all knew it was coming. What was good about this episode was the realisation from our favourite characters and the communities they inhabit. The realisation that they need to fight as their situation simply isn’t going to improve. If anything, it’s only going to get worse. The only person we still need to get on side is Carol and if we can get season 5 Carol back, Negan doesn’t stand a chance.

It’s been a while since I’ve been impressed with a Walking Dead episode but not only did Hearts Still Beating give me goosebumps, its closing scenes brought me almost close to tears. You could see the love our group shares and the embraces between each character gave me feelings of joy I don’t normally associate with the show.

At the mid-way point, we’ve become accustomed to one of our group dying. For season 7 though, we got what we needed with no real casualties. Spencer was an absolute weasel and Negan’s done us all a favour in spilling his guts with a classic one liner. The other girl was so uninteresting I can’t even remember her name. The only loss there is that we’ll no longer get Negan’s fat jokes.

And there we have it! Alexandria and The Hilltop are (almost) ready to take on The Saviors and there are stirrings in The Kingdom that means they aren’t far behind.

With Jeffrey Dean Morgan signed on for season 8, we can confidently predict that he won’t be killed off. So either we have a whole half season of our heroes preparing for the coming war or as happened in the comic books, Negan is captured and imprisoned by Rick. Either way, I’m glad he’s going to still be around.

Now, I know I’ve gushed over Negan in almost every review but as he’s new, delivers great wise-cracks and is generally an absolute bad ass, I’m sure you can forgive me.

However, to close this half of the season, I think we need to heap some praise on Andrew Lincoln. His performances, whilst muted, have been utterly sublime. It takes a great actor to pull something off with only a look but he’s mastered his character and the feelings he’s supposed to, well, feel.

Moving forward, it looks like we’re about to see more of the old Rick and that’s something that means the show will be back on form.