Yea, I know this is late. I’m sorry.

I just couldn’t bring myself to watch it any earlier than last night. You see, I’m bored. Watching The Walking Dead has become more of a chore than an enjoyment. For someone that’s been with it since the beginning, that’s a very upsetting thing to write but I just can’t wait for the mid-season finale to be over.

TV has changed and so has its audiences. The ratings for season 7 have dropped phenomenally and it’s because as a show, it doesn’t make people think. The only thing we can wonder at is who’s going to die next and that gets stale after seven seasons. Compare that to the first season of Westworld and the ratings it’s achieved and the proof is in the pudding. Westworld is a clever show that makes you question everything you’re seeing. That’s what viewers are looking for now.

But, alas, I’ve committed to bringing you these reviews so I’ll continue. Rant over. For now.

As episodes go, this week’s offering was no better and no worse than the previous 6 episodes. Not a whole lot happened and we limped ever closer to next week’s finale where if something interesting DOES happen, great! If it doesn’t, I won’t be at all surprised.

Negan and Carl’s relationship is an interesting one and it’s come straight out of the comics. The show hasn’t always stayed true to the comics though so what it’s going to turn into is anyone’s guess but from what we saw last night, Negan has some level of admiration for Carl.

Maybe he sees him as someone he can mould. Maybe he sees him as the son he never had. Maybe, it’s just more leverage against Rick. I’m going with one of the former two though. Mainly because Negan showed some remorse at mocking Carl about his eye. It was a pretty intriguing scene as it showed us a side to each of them that’s so rarely seen. Humanity from Negan and humility from Carl.

Either way, Carl has seen more of Negan’s nature and more importantly the Sanctuary. We’ve seen further into Negan’s totalitarian regime, how he deals out punishment and how he creates loyalty amongst his flock. Not only that, but we’ve seen his weird ideology around women. Just like the comics, he clearly abhors any violence but is absolutely comfy to have 10 wives. Yep, the guy’s a little bit cracked.

In truth, and I’ve alluded to this a few times, Negan is the only good thing to have come out of season 7. He’s brilliantly funny and adding to his scene with Father Gabriel in an earlier episode, last night’s interaction with Olivia is amongst the funniest moments we’ve ever had.

He’s just brilliantly witty, charming and cutting at the same time and you can’t help but smile every time he’s on screen.

Whilst we spent the entire episode learning more about Negan’s stronghold, we were left with two mini cliff-hangers.

Firstly, Negan holding Judith in his arms. I think we’re supposed to be worried but looking at what we’ve seen of Negan, I’m not. I mean, what’s he actually going to do to her? Whilst he’s shown some monstrous behaviour, I think harming a child is beyond him. If anything it’d be a dark turn even for The Walking Dead.

Secondly, Michonne is making her way to The Sanctuary and that’s not something as easy to predict. There’s no real way of guessing at what might happen so I’ll spare myself some blushes. However, considering Jeffrey Dean Morgan has signed on for season 8, it’s fair to say that she either gets captured, gets stopped on the way or kills a few Saviors and leaves.

Hopefully we’ll find out in next week’s thrilling episode!