What a surprise! The Walking Dead seems to be stuck in a rut again.

Whilst Episode 6 was marginally better than what’s preceded it, it doesn’t feel as though we’re getting any further along the tracks to sanctuary. Let’s be honest, even if you’ve not read the comics, you know what’s coming. The fact that every week sees us getting drip fed a new community shows us the strength there is to tackle Negan but it feels as though the uniting of that strength is miles away.

That being said, I did enjoy Swear. Partially, it might be because Episode 5 was appalling but in the main we had Walkers! Up to this point, we’ve been lucky to get 2 Walkers per episode and whilst The Walking Dead does its ‘human character’ elements really well, it IS supposed to be a show about zombies.

The scenes on the bridge show what The Walking Dead can do when it gets back to basics. A surprise attack, our characters being trapped, one (seemingly) abandoning the other, it’s all there. They’re all staples of any zombie outlet and it’s the kind of thing that made people switch on in the first place.

With our team being split all over the place, we’re often getting different storylines each week. Swear gave us Tara and it was really, really nice to have her back. When everyone else is gloomy and dark, having someone like Tara step back into the fold is extremely refreshing. She still retains some of the innocence she would have had before the outbreak and provides some great comic moments without forgetting how grim things really are. Heath? Well, I could probably take him or leave him. His incessant moaning is just that added bit of annoyance for me to want to shoot him in the face. Isn’t trying to survive an apocalypse hard enough?

Something that did feel out of place a little was the ocean. I’ll be honest, my American geography isn’t great and I did have to check where Georgia was on the map. Don’t worry though, it IS by the ocean so we’re still floating within the realms of fact. However, the amount of times the group have been struggling for food and water, wouldn’t it have made sense to have made their way to somewhere where there’s plenty of fish and water? Daryl’s a smart lad, he could have hooked up some kind of filter to remove the salt? Maybe I’m overthinking things.

All in all though, despite the fact that we don’t really seem to be going anywhere, it was a much better episode and showcased in flashes, what The Walking Dead should be about. With only 2 episodes left until the mid-season break though, we need something big to happen before viewers start to switch off.