Has there ever been a more universally panned Walking Dead episode than Go Getters?

One headline read “People we don’t care about doing things we don’t care about”. Whilst it’s a bold and largely agreeable statement, The Walking Dead is all about the way it develops its characters. It has been since it started and because of episodes like these, the shocks and the fireworks that we love about the show are all the more punchy.

In saying that, there’s not a whole lot I can write about that’s all that interesting. Parts of the episode felt more at home in the Twilight movies and I get that Carl and Enid are young and full of hormones but I just don’t really care about that whole scenario. If they make it a massive plot line, I’m going to marginally annoyed. So you know, maybe Enid should just be killed off or something? Or Carl to be honest. I got bored of his brooding a long time ago.

So to Hilltop! Gregory is still as weird as ever and he must be a dead cert to be offed before the season’s end. If that IS the case, it’s a massive shame. I love Xander Berkeley in everything he does and I’d probably see it as a wasted opportunity.

Ugh, the more I write, the more I struggle to find anything good to say. I did think that a Savior collection might have saved the episode but when you’ve seen one collection, you’ve seen them all. And besides, Steven Ogg’s performance as Simon made me roll my eyes more than anything. It was way over the top and felt that he was trying way too hard to be Negan. And let’s face it, there’s only one Negan.

The only other characters that had a large chunk of the episode were Maggie, Sasha and Jesus. But again, so little happened of actual note, there’s not much I can talk about. It’s nice to see Maggie developing into a leader but I kind of feel that she’s been developing into a leader for so long it’s no longer interesting.

All in all, it was probably a necessary episode but it’s all starting to become a bit stale again. Let’s just get to The Avengers style finale where all three communities come together to take down The Saviors. Please? Just don't kill Negan.