When he’s not been on our screens for a while, I kind of miss Rick. He’s our leader, our touch point and the person we turn to when shit needs to get done.

The Walking Dead has completely flipped this on its head though and we don’t have THAT Rick anymore.

We saw how Negan broke him in the season opener and after this week’s episode, I’m not sure I want to go back to Alexandria.

Looking around at the rest of the community, you can still see a lot of fight. The only thing they’re lacking are the street smarts to take on an experienced survivor like Negan. The rest of Rick’s group seem almost resigned to the fate their leader has adopted and even though Michonne is showing plenty of anger, you get the feeling the only person big enough to take Negan down would have been Rick.

It makes it really difficult to watch because I just can’t see when this is going to end. And if it does end, is it really going to be a satisfactory ending? Let’s be honest, the only person we want to see sort this out is Rick. We’re all rooting for him but the lights are nearly out completely.

What we’re missing is the one person that would have thought like his enemy and maybe hatch a plan to see our group come out on top. We’d all forgotten about him but with Rick bringing Shane up in a conversation with Michonne, you kind of feel like he really could have stepped up right now.

Alas, he’s still rotting on Hershel’s farm so we have to make do with the rule of the Saviors.

Negan was at his menacing best during ‘Service’. The flash of his pearly whites, his coaching on how a good society needs to be managed and his general charm just makes him feel dangerous every second he’s on screen.

He’s the only thing that’s interesting about the show right now and that says a lot about his character and what he’s managed to achieve in such a short space of time. I haven’t checked audience figures but I’d hazard a guess that he’s bringing more viewers to the party than we’ve had in a while. If that IS the case, the show is probably going to struggle when his reign comes to an end.

If it goes the way of the comics, then it’s a long way off and we might still get to have him as part of our Monday nights for a long while yet.