I’ve been trying to think of one word that sums up ‘The Cell’ and the only word I can come up with is suffocating.

Where The Kingdom comes across as cheery and joyous, The Sanctuary and in particular, Daryl’s view of The Sanctuary, is pretty bleak.

Season 7 has really flipped the burger and since that opening episode, everything has started to feel a little surreal. The opening to The Cell was something I’ve never seen with The Walking Dead. A TV program, a pretty decent looking sandwich and the song ‘Easy Street’ left me slightly baffled as to what I was watching but the writers did a stand up job with the narrative.

Rather than seeing what life at The Sanctuary is like through a scene, we saw it through a number of clips and that allowed us some understanding without losing focus on the four main characters of the episode.

You’ll be forgiven for thinking that this was Daryl’s episode. It wasn’t. It was all about Dwight, his backstory and possible reincarnation as one of the good guys. Yes, he’s Daryl’s tormentor but there was almost a level of pleading from him for Daryl to get in line rather than meet Lucille. Even at the end, he pleads again but Daryl shows him some kind of empathy for his plight and the decision he made. They’re making a different choice based on a similar reason.

Where Dwight is doing it for his wife, Daryl is doing it out of respect, or guilt, for Glenn. We saw the guilt that Daryl feels when he looked at the picture and broke down. The last thing that Daryl has is his sense of self, his pride and his strength to not break. Right now, he’s doing it for Glenn but by default, he’s doing it for Alexandria too.

Dwight is beginning to understand that Daryl isn’t going to break and there also seems to be stirrings within The Sanctuary’s community. All of this seems to be leading to Dwight’s realisation that they could have so much more. It’s an easy thing to land too as we can see that there’s no respect between Dwight and Negan. In each interaction they had, Dwight was mocked and taunted by Negan about things that were meant to cut to the bone. Dwight’s a fiery character too so it’s surely only a matter of time before he snaps. Whether that leads to his death or an uprising, only time will tell.

Now, when it comes to Negan, I’m at a bit of a crossroad. He’s brutal and can fly off the handle at any given moment but he’s a brilliant character. You’re supposed to hate your enemies but I genuinely love Negan. He smoulders, he raises a smile and he’s just a complete badass. He’s everything the Governor wasn’t but then, I hated the Governor and actually wanted him to die.

Surely that’s how you should feel about the bad guy?

What a messed up world we’re living in.