If Disney made The Walking Dead, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be a million miles away from last night’s episode; The Well.

Following last week’s brutality, we teamed back up with Morgan and Carol and followed them through Carol’s induction into The Kingdom. For some, it was a welcome shift in tone following the Season 7 premiere and whilst I agree on that being needed, I just found things went a little too far in the opposite direction.

It’s a tough one because we need to understand what The Kingdom is about, it’s values and who its people are. It’s supposed to be an established community to counteract The Saviors. It’s dark versus light, day versus night, Son of Kryp… Sorry, wrong movie. But, you get catch my drift.

That was pretty much established in one episode last night, which is great because we can move on knowing what side we’re going to be rooting for. I just don’t feel all that fulfilled.

It’s a trap of The Walking Dead’s own making and one that it falls into often. If you compare it to Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead has six extra episodes every season. That’s a hell of a lot and seemingly, they want two or three episodes for character development in every season. Its fine when you watch it as a box set but when you’re watching one episode per week, people start to switch off.

Anyway, we’re all still watching so let’s move on.

That’s the thing though. It’s hard to move on from what the episode actually was. You had your character development, your introduction to some quirky new characters and a glimpse of a Savior collection. That was it though and it makes it pretty hard to review the episode.

All in all, I just found it all a little silly. The whole medieval vibe of The Kingdom, Shiva, the mini commandments on the walls. It just didn’t work for me because it was a monumental shift in anything that we’ve seen before. Sure, we’ve seen established communities but they were set up to survive. The Kingdom just feels like something completely alien and The Walking Dead has never felt more like a comic book. Ironic, right?

I know that Ezekiel is going to seriously kick some ass at some point and we’re all going to love him. It just feels as though that’s a really long way off, even though we had a glimpse of his genius with the pigs. Is he trying to slowly poison the Saviors or is it just to make the pigs fatter? I’d go with the former as he seems like a pretty smart guy and if that’s the case, he gets an A* for tactics.

I guess that’s about it! Even if I wanted to flesh this out any more, I’m not sure I could. There’s not even a lot to talk about when it comes to Carol and Morgan. Carol wants to be on her own but is slowly coming around to the idea of The Kingdom and King Ezekiel. Morgan is turning into Obi-Wan Kenobi. Big deal.