Whilst Amazon hasn’t confirmed a release date for season 2 of The Man in the High Castle, it can’t be that far off. Having not watched the series when it first aired, I used Monday to binge watch it and managed to complete it in a day.

Now that I’m qualified to give an opinion, I’ll be watching season 2 the same way I watched the first.

For a company that prides itself on quick delivery, the pacing of High Castle isn’t just a slow burner; it’s like it’s been written by a snail. It took well over half a season to get going and if there was any form of character development, I’d get it, but there wasn’t.

In fact, the only character I actually felt sorry for was Frank. Yes, his sister and her children were killed. Yes, his girlfriend went on a jolly and shacked up with a Nazi agent. The thing that really made me feel sorry for Frank though was how no-one could enter his flat without barging in. I mean, didn’t people wait to be invited in during a 1962 alternate reality?

Maybe I’m being a bit mean. There was one character I liked and that was Tagomi. He’s the only one that showed any kind of personality and based on the way the finale ended, I’m guessing he’s going to remain a key player as the season’s progress. That’s a flawless victory if ever I’ve seen one.

Other than that, there’s not a huge amount to comment on. I literally couldn’t care less if any of the other characters die and I’m already a little bored of the main plot that ran through season 1.

Cool, someone’s collecting all of the films. Do we know why? No. Do I really care? No. Is it pretty obvious that Hitler is going to turn out to be the man in the high castle? Yes. I mean, he was watching one of the films and he lives in some castle looking structure in a fairly lofty location.

Watch that prediction be completely wrong now.

Finally, the ending. I don’t know whether it’s because I’ve watched Fringe and Heroes but the whole alternate universe thing is wearing really, really thin. When Shang Tsung, sorry, Tagomi, woke up in the alternate, I actually said, out loud – “Oh for fuck sake”.

I know I’ve come across very Rhod Gilbert with this review but you know what? I’ll still probably watch season 2.