There’s something a little special about a franchise that keeps its movies repeatedly good. There’s an art and a dedication to it that keeps audiences begging for more but having something that big be so consistently wonderful is rare.

Resident Evil falls into the potholes. Actually, that’s the wrong traffic based analogy. Resident Evil feels like you’re driving down a road that’s full of huge speedbumps. You love being on the flat but then all of a sudden – BANG – it feels like you’re driving over Everest and your suspension is about to fall out.

Retribution is a speed bump and it’s littered with the debris of the movies that went before it.

Don’t get me wrong, out of the first four movies, we got two really watchable ones, one semi-decent one and one complete bore fest, so it’s not all been plain sailing. The issue with Retribution though is that there’s not enough material to play with when the story is being stretched over six movies.

It’s a filler movie at best but even the small amount of story raises more questions than it answers.

For instance:

  1. How does Alice know who Ada Wong is?

  2. How the hell is Wesker still alive?

  3. Where’s the Red Queen been since the first movie?

  4. Who the hell are Las Plagas?

  5. Have we just forgotten about Chris and Claire?

Whilst we know who Las Plagas are from the games, it still leaves the other answers completely unanswered and it creates some serious continuity issues that I find really hard to look past.

You can almost forgive a movie for being boring (Extinction) if you can understand what they’re trying to achieve. Mistakes and laziness are unforgivable though, especially for a movie with a $65million budget.

Right, I’m determined to end on a positive note. At this point, hoping characters play out like their gaming counterparts is foolhardy. Jill Valentine is the only character to do this and the hope of the others following suit is pretty much dead.

What Retribution gets right though, is Ada, Barry and Leon. Whilst Barry is a little slimmer than I’d have expected, the clothing is perfect. Ada in her long, flowing red dress, Barry’s red gilet and Leon’s coat all had the fan boy in me cheering.  That I’m afraid, is where any enjoyment ends.

1* - Those monsters from Hollywood, they’ve ruined my beautiful Resident Evil.

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