Over the next few weeks we’ll be reviewing a number of films for Cardiff Mini Film Festival. The festival is on June 26th at Chapel 1877.

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Dark Clouds Far Away is nominated in the Factual Category.

Dark Clouds Far Away is a beautiful movie based on Alzheimer's disease.

When we see stories on the news related to Alzheimer's, the people that suffer are so often forgotten. The person that the disease has taken hold of and loved ones are left behind when we analyse the effects the disease has had.

Dark Clouds Far Away has pulled back the curtains and remembered what really matters. The film focuses on the life that writer and producer, Ian’s mum Beryl had before and during Alzheimer's and it serves to remind us of what can truly be lost once it takes hold.

That reminder doesn’t serve to upset us though. It simply makes us glad of what we have. To cherish it while we have it and when it’s gone, to enjoy the memories and lessons that have come from such a life.

As a narrator, Ian talks with fondness about his mum and the life he’s had with her and his dad and there’s no anger or blame in his voice. The images that accompany the story we’re being told make you forget what has caused the film to be made and instead, you simply enjoy the story for what it is; a happy life full of love, kindness and fun.

It’s a different way of filming such an emotive topic but it leaves you with a feeling of warmth and even joy as you remember that no matter how debilitating Alzheimer's can be, nothing can take away the memories and experiences that have gone before.

Written and Produced by Ian Lapworth.


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