Following last week’s thrilling spectacle, Game of Thrones went back to basics for its feature length finale. Despite the lack of action compared to Beyond the Wall, The Dragon and the Wolf played out like a perfectly scripted political drama of backstabbing (throat stabbing), revelation and lust.

It almost felt understated compared to some of the episodes we’ve been served up but it delivered exactly what a finale should. It wrapped up the season nicely and laid the path to Season 8, whenever that might be.

With filming not starting until October this year, we may not get our final season until 2019.Whilst it’s utterly depressing that we might have such a long gap, I’d rather the time be taken for it to be done right.

As it is, everything played out rather predictably but with no less drama than we’d expected. To accompany the goose-bump raising scenes, we were treated to some wonderful panoramic views that were extremely haunting. Sansa overlooking the North was one but more importantly, Jaime exiting King’s Landing highlighted how Season 8 is going to affect everyone. It was a scene that was mixed with grief and foreboding as Jaime realised what Cersei has become but it feels like there’s still a lot of twists and turns to go for the brother and sister.

That in itself is no surprise, especially when it comes to Cersei. I never thought for a moment that she’d keep her end of the bargain; primarily because it was all too easy. For an episode that focused on self-preservation, there was no way that Cersei was going to enter a truce knowing how she thinks. The surprise that she did deliver was Euron’s role. Whilst he seemed to leave a little hastily, it was completely in keeping with his character. Thrones likes to turn the tables though and Euron still being a major Lannister pawn helps Cersei’s story of betrayal and the ultimate parting of ways between her and Jamie.

Where Jaime heads next is up for discussion but it’s likely to be Winterfell now that he knows what’s coming. What he’ll be walking into is a Winterfell that’s united (for now) now that Littlefinger’s webs have been hoovered up. I don’t think I’ve ever been happier to see someone’s lungs fall out of their throat and it’s testament to the episode that his death wasn’t one of the bigger talking points. As it is, Sansa and Arya have been playing his little game all along and his death was long overdue. It showed that the Starks have learned their lesson and they’re starting to understand the game of thrones. You win or you die.

Whilst it’s nice to see Winterfell united, the arrival of Dany and Jon may end up undoing all of that. Not only because she’s a Targaryen but also because of Bran’s revelation to Sam. Whilst we all knew it, hearing it out loud still felt huge and it’s the 100% confirmation that we often need in Thrones. What does it mean for Ross and Rachel - sorry, Dany and Jon now that they’ve done the fondue? Considering incest was a Targaryen practice for centuries anyway, hopefully nothing. We’ll still have our Disney happily ever after where they share the Iron Throne.

That’s only if they can defeat the Night King. And what better way to finish off the season than a reminder of what’s going to happen next. We got to see zombie Viserion tear down the wall and the White Walkers finally make it in to Westeros.

Roll on, 2019 – or 2018 (hopefully).