Game of Thrones Assemble!

Following the fire and fury of last week’s episode, we’re fast approaching the end game of Season 7. The Lannisters have all but conceded defeat and all eyes are now turning to the dead. Well, almost all.

Cersei aside, we had a bit of an Avengers style get together at the end of the episode and once they bring some proof back, Jaime seems pretty likely to team up with our rag tag group of heroes too. The only question is, are they all going to make it back alive? Of course not - it’s Game of Thrones and if you were wondering, my money is on Dondarrion or Thoros to croak it.

It feels like everything is coming together nicely for the war of the dead but Cersei is still proving to be the biggest unknown. With her pregnancy revelation thrown into the mix, Jaime’s future is also thrown into doubt. Does he finally break the shackles for what really matters or does he die defending her?

Either way, the final two episodes of Season 7 should be relatively easy to plot out, right?

The Avengers get their proof but suffer losses. Jaime sees this proof and tries to persuade Cersei. Daenerys realises where the real fight is and also reaches out to Cersei. Cersei does something stupid and ends up dying. The Night King enters Westeros – cue credits!

If only things were so simple.

Talking of simple, there has to be a simple way to kill off Littlefinger. He’s still supremely creepy and his scheming is distracting from everything that Thrones is getting right. I’m just not sure what his character’s purpose is and he’s well overdue his death scene. So come, Arya, start baking some pies.

Finally, it’s taken five episodes but we finally got a glimpse of the dead. Although every time Bran does his Jedi thing, he seems to catch the Night King taking a breather. Almost like when someone’s caught not working when they should have been. Either way, Bran’s weirdness has got Jon Targaryen on the move and is leading up to a pretty tasty penultimate episode next week.

Oh and Sam left the Citadel. Hooray? Or not? Can someone tell me if I should find Sam’s bit interesting or not?