Well, I just don’t know where to begin with this week’s review. What an episode!

Each season has given us huge battles in one form or another but this pretty much trumps everything we’ve seen so far. It all felt so comfortable for Jaime and Bronn. This Targaryen girl doesn’t know what she’s doing. Que Jurassic Park style silence…

As Drogon rained flame down on his helpless victims, we were almost watching it from Tyrion’s point of view. Like him, we’ve not seen such devastation or something as one sided as this before and it showed that with three dragons at her side, there’s going to be no stopping Daenerys from reclaiming her throne.

You could almost feel the panic of the Lannister army, not only at Drogon but at the Dothraki too. Their ride towards their adversaries came straight out of the Peter Jackson playbook and it matched anything I’ve seen on the big screen.

In fairness, Thrones has always done its battles well and that’s largely because we don’t see one every week. They’re rationed to us so we can appreciate each and every character before things get really tasty. By building things in that way, the adrenaline starts pumping and the visuals that accompany it are unmatched in film or TV.

As always though, Thrones has left us with some burning questions.

1.       Will Drogon be able to fly again or was it just a flesh wound?

2.       Is Bronn dead?

3.       When will we see Jaime again?

4.       Is Tyrion regretting his decision to join the Dragon Queen?

The one thing we do know is that the final three episodes of the season are going to be one hell of a ride.

There is one final question that still lingers. When is Bran going to stop being so creepy?

Following his weird conversation with Sansa in episode three, he’s starting to turn into the most unlikeable Jedi since Hayden Christensen. He was relatively normal last season when he was learning from Father Merrin and then all of a sudden he’s this angst ridden teenager that’s trying to be philosophical. Jon has seen what you’ve seen too, mate!

Whilst we’re on the whole ‘beyond the wall’ theme, we finally saw some White Walker action! It may have only been in chalk but it’s better than nothing.