It didn’t take long for Daenerys’ war to kick off and it’s already swinging to and fro. As an episode, the implications that Stormborn offered are huge and it already feels as though things have shifted in favour of Cersei.

What appeared to be a brilliant game plan from Daenerys now lays in tatters with the destruction of her Iron Fleet. That’s where Thrones really thrives though. On one hand, Daenerys appears to have come into her own. She’s the first person that’s really got Varys to reveal his true nature and completed the (slightly easier) task of uniting all of Cersei’s enemies as one. Everything looks set for her to sweep to victory, complete with a dragon top parade until Jack Sparrow…sorry, Euron swings in to burn it all to the ground.

That kind of shift in narrative is a staple of Thrones and there’s not a TV show that can match it. What Euron’s intervention does is change Daenerys’ approach to one that’s probably more in keeping with the Queen of Thornes. Don’t want to be the Queen of Ashes, Dany? Well, you may well have to be now.

Let’s be fair, if Daenerys doesn’t take the Iron Throne, we’re all going to feel a little let down. No-one is fond of Cersei but Dany has had a destiny about her from her first appearance on screen. Anything but her sitting on that uncomfortable looking chair is going to be a bit of an anti-climax.

The thing is, there are three characters in Thrones that have a kind of destiny feel about them - Daenerys, Tyrion and Jon Snow. With Jon riding his way to parlay with her, it’s pretty much a given that her side will come out on top, right?

Wrong. This is Thrones and anything can happen. Either way, it’s going to be one titanic battle and if all three dragons come out unscathed, I’ll buy a hat and eat it.

Whilst we’re talking about Jon, does anyone else wish he’d squeezed his grip around Littlefinger’s throat and not let go until he was blue? I mean, the guy is super sleazy and he just needs to be put out of his misery before he feels like an irrelevant character. Oh, he already is? Too bad.

Finally, there was an almost heart-warming scene where Arya bumped into Nymeria. Or did she? I’m actually a little confused by that scene. But yea, it’s about as heart-warming as Thrones gets so we’ll have to take that one.

Oh, and aren’t there supposed to be White Walkers in this series?