Well Season 7 really is in full swing isn’t it! As predicted last week, The Queen’s Justice brought together three parties that share an air of destiny. Naturally, it wasn’t a meeting of hugs and bended knees but we’re starting to see the foundations of an uneasy alliance.

As has been the case throughout our journey with Thrones, Tyrion was the real mastermind behind that but he’s been criminally underused so far in Season 7. The Queen’s Justice gave us flashes of his wit and why he’s such an important character and I find that I’ve missed him. So much so, that you almost want him to encounter some kind of misfortune just to give us the old Tyrion back.

Technically, Thrones has two separate storylines running through it at the moment - Jon’s war and Daenerys’ war. Whilst Tyrion is our bridge between the two, the writers are doing well to dig themselves out of a hole with only a season and a half left. It just feels like there’s a hell of a lot to cram in but so far, so good.

Last week saw the war toing and froing and whilst Cersei held the upper hand, it now appears to be evened up with the taking of Casterly Rock. Sure, the Lannisters have taken High Garden but by the Queen of Thornes admission, it was never built to be a fortress. Now that Dany knows where Euron’s fleet is, she should be able to take them out with ease. That will naturally lead into the only viable solution – an assault on King’s Landing. But then, what’s the point in guessing? If Thrones has taught us anything, it’s that it has countless surprises up its sleeves.

With a King’s Landing battle feeling pretty imminent, there’s one character that I’d be sad to see go. Jaime started to change his perception a number of seasons ago and he’s now an extremely likeable character. His scene with The Queen of Thornes shows that he’s come almost full circle, despite her revelation at the end of the episode – and what a revelation it was.

If she was going to go, she was always going to out with her thrones scratching someone.

Finally, has anyone seen the White Walkers?