Warning: Contains spoilers and the opinion of a neophyte!

With Owain taken leave of Outpost 31's base of operations, it has fallen to me to review Season 6, Episode 7 of Game of Thrones.  It's important to note, I've only seen the first season and nothing else - unless you count the vehement revenge talk around the watercooler because of social media spoiler posts.

This is what I knew going in:

  1.  Boromir was respected by everyone in the world, but he's dead now
  2. There's a blond chick who had a pretty rough time of things in season one, but now she has dragons
  3. Aquaman married her, made her hard as nails, but he's dead now
  4. Lannisters always pay their debts
  5. The Stark brothers all had wolves, but most of them are dead now (wolves n'all)
  6. There's a force of zombie bad asses coming, but they've taken 6 seasons to get their shit together
  7. John Snow knows nothing
  8. You can't have any ass if you work on the wall

Episode 7 begins and I wasn't sure if I was in a flashback or present day.  However, I was immediately put at ease by Lovejoy and it seemed he had a pretty good bead on The Hound and not unlike him in his past.  Maybe The Hound had finally found some peace and would stay in the strange cult who seemed to be really grateful that he could chop wood like a boss.

Then there's a Queen of Thorns, or maybe a Princess of Thorns...either way she got every one convinced that she's actually bought into some evangelical religion.  Even her nan is convinced she's a zealot until she cleverly slips her a piece of paper.  Her nan is clearly the cleverest person in all the land, because the paper has a neatly drawn rose on it and she knew what it meant.

Things started to heat up on the cold Wall, when John Snow convinces the other battle hardened Wall guys that they need to join forces and take on the army of walkers.  I don't really blame the band of bearded bad asses for mulling it over.  6 years of political machinations is enough to wear anyone down.  That being said, if the giant sat in the back listens intently and then growls the name of the person you're arguing with, I'd probably give up and go to war too.

Robson, it seems, has found a new Jerome in Jamie Lannister, but the Blackfish is having none of their malarky. He's got a load of food for everyone that lives in his castle and I recon is quite tasty one-on-one.  I wouldn't mess with him.

The particular highlight for me was a precocious little girl who can verbally tussle with the best of them and seems weary of anyone willing to hold court with her.  However, John Snow brings a guy who was a crab fisherman, but clearly he's a silver-tongued devil and he wins her over and a handful of sword wielding hard men.

Just what John snow has done since season 1 to now I can only guess.  However, he has the patience of a goddamned saint!  Every person he parlays with talks to him like shit and it's like being the son of Boromir means nothing.  If I was him I'd've have unsheathed and run someone through by now.  Fairplay, he bites his tongue and tries to do what's right.

Ultimately, amongst my confusion one thing is clear: "The Broken Man" isn't so much a filler-episode as it is a momentum builder.  It moves all it's pieces across the board for what clearly is going to be a humdinger of a fight later on.  Maybe the dragons'll start some shit too.  I'd tune in for that.

*Normal service will resume next week.*