As Samwise Gamgee once said, “Well, I’m back”.

Dan – Thank you so much for looking after my baby last week. Now that you’ve handed her back, I’d like you to leave before I call the Police.

Ladies and gentleman, I find that I cut a frustrated figure of a man. Based on Episode 8 – No One, Season 6 is has been pretty divisive. They’ve given us the best episode from the whole 6 seasons and now the worst.

There are only a few things really worth mentioning from the episode and to end on as much of a high as I can do, I’ll save those until last.

The overriding thing I took from last night was that the writers are struggling without George R. R. Martin’s material. I know he’s involved in the series but last night was disjointed and wasteful.

Let’s look at the Blackfish. He escaped The Red Wedding and retook Riverrun. In short, he was a bit of a legend and with a series so short on heroic characters, he was a welcome addition. To kill him off so soon and with such disregard is a complete waste of someone that could have a huge part to play. Especially as the Stark army is about to march on Winterfell.

Whilst we’re at Riverrun, let’s give our commiserations to Jaime Lannister. For a character that had so much promise, he’s been left to die a slow and painful death of obscurity. Even when he’s given the chance of a glorious battle, it’s squandered away and we’re left wondering if there’s any point to him anymore. His character was developed so well into someone we started to care about and have faith in and now I just can’t be bothered watching him. The whole “just wait and see, he’ll come good in the end” feels like it’s been abandoned and he’s simply there to act as Cersei’s pawn. I sincerely hope he’s given the storyline he deserves but I’m not holding much hope.

In a similar vein, I’m not really sure where we’re heading with Arya. She’s finally killed the Waif, denounced the Many Faced God and declared that she’s going home. To what? Time will hopefully tell but I feel that she’s been backed into a corner and she’ll have a hard time fighting her way out of it, even with Needle.

Ok, enough of my frustration. Let’s get to the good stuff.

The Hound is back and kicking ass, albeit in a nicer, heroic kind of way. He’s pretty much joined the Brotherhood without Banners now though so I think alongside Tommen abolishing trial by combat, we might have to say goodbye to a possible Cleganebowl.

Talking about the Clegane’s, Qyburn’s monster has finally showed his brutality and the High Sparrow’s foot clan are running scared. Cersei has played her hand and that scene provided one of the only enjoyable moments of the episode. I mean, if you had one line to sum up Game of Thrones, it’d be “I choose violence”, right?

Lastly, Dany’s back and whilst the scene was supposed to wow us, it was pretty much expected once Tyrion and the gang had barricaded themselves into the pyramid. Either way, I can’t wait to see her armies come together and march on Westeros and that seems closer than ever now.

Finally, how good was the scene between Tyrion, Grey Worm and Missandei? It was one of the few moments of happiness we’ve had in a long time and the wine and jokes aside, seeing Tyrion accepted, followed and trusted raised a beaming smile from me.

One thing I want to mention about next week’s episode. It looks like it’s Bastardbowl and I really, REALLY hope that Ramsay gets a storming send-off over two episodes. He’s had little to do this season but the way he’s been built up since he came onto our screens, it’d be a shame to kill him off in one fell swoop.

Anyway, that’s me done for this week and next. I’m away in Bordeaux during Episode 9 so I’ll have to reluctantly hand the reigns back over to Dan. Don’t worry though, I’ll be here for the season finale!