Guess who's back, back again. Benjen's back, tell a friend.

If you've read the books you’ll know about Coldhands. If you haven’t, you won’t. If you thought Jon Snow’s resurrection was obvious, Benjen Stark turning out to be Coldhands was a dead cert.

It’s done now though and we can all move on and stop pretending like we didn't know all along. If you haven’t read the books, I can imagine that it was a pretty cool episode. We all love the Starks and to have one come back into the show rather than end up murdered is like having your favourite dessert after a pretty lacklustre meal. And let’s be honest, it was a pretty awesome re-introduction. I mean, have you ever seen someone dispatch the dead in quite such a cool fashion? And on a horse too? Even Rick Grimes couldn’t manage that.

Following last week’s episode was always going to be a tall order. To be honest, forgiving Bran was going to be a tall order but I’ve done it and whilst I still mourn for Hodor, we all have to move on. If we’re to be honest with eachother, how can we stay mad at someone that’s having some of the best scenes in the series? I’m not even sure what we did before Bran’s visions! We’ve now had a young Ned Stark, glimpses of The Mad King and an upsetting insight in Hodor’s life. Those, my friends, are not things to be sniffed at.

If there IS one thing that might lose your interest, it’s one of the other Stark siblings, Arya. I’ve become less interested in her story as the series has gone on. In fact, the only thing that made it mildly interesting was the fact that she was in training and it may lead her to become a master assassin. Now that it’s not really on the cards, I’ve pretty much all but switched off. I’m even bored of writing about it.

Talking about masters of their craft, The High Sparrow has played an absolute blinder. I know I’ve gushed over the character before but he really is the most charming and dangerous character we’ve had in a long time. Jaime was just about to defy all odds and actually do something interesting before the High Sparrow completely trumped him with Tommen’s conversion and sent him off with his tail between his legs. Not many others have been able to do that!

Now how about a prediction?

Ok, well it’s not my prediction but I’m completely sold and I want to share it with you. Cersei mentioned a trial by combat last night. Everything points to her picking Frankenstein’s monster, Gregor Clegane aka; The Mountain. But what about the faith?

My money’s on The Hound. After all, we didn’t actually see him die. Disagree? I’m up for a wager if you are.

Last but not least, the episode stealer. The woman that’s had nothing to do but bring us close to tears in the two scenes she’s been allowed to have over two episodes. We all love Daenerys but it feels like her story is being purposely dragged out because there’s not much left for her to do except conquer Westeros. I don’t think the writers are ready to play that hand just yet so by giving her one emotional scene per episode, they’re trying to keep us emotionally engaged with her.

Has it worked? Absolutely.

I almost cried when she told Jorah that she needed him by her side last week and last night’s speech gave me goosebumps. It was almost as good as Théoden’s speech in Return of the King. Not quite, but close. It’s an easy sell for me though. I cast my family’s loyalty to Dany a long time ago and I’ll remain loyal to the end of my days.

That, my friends is almost a wrap. To close though, I offer you an apology.

For next week’s episode, I’ll likely be sipping cocktails next to the pool in 30 °C heat. Unfortunately, that means I won’t be here to write a review of the episode. Luckily for you (I use the term loosely) my colleague and Outpost 31 co-writer Dan is going to have a go.

He’s never seen Game of Thrones, hence the apology.