As Brits, making a good cup of tea is the first thing we teach our children. Or if it isn’t, it should be. Some people say they prefer it stronger and some people like it milkier but deep down, we all know that brewing a good cup of tea for just the right amount of time is a show of prowess and skill.

Game of Thrones season 6 is a perfect cup of tea. From a relatively slow start it’s getting to the point where it’s ready to take the tea bag out of the cup.

Where the first episode tried to cram too much into an hour slot, the following episodes have given us just enough of each character/part of Westeros to keep our appetites going.

Before we tackle the main event, I want to touch upon King’s Landing. Whilst I reiterate last week’s point about Jaime Lannister being too much of a bit part character at the moment, Cersei is once again proving how manipulative, clever and venomous she can be. She’s manoeuvred herself like a cobra and she’s ready to go in for the kill on one of the most dangerous characters we’ve had in a while, The High Sparrow.

I’ve mentioned it before but Jonathan Pryce has been utterly brilliant since he made his debut and as everything’s pointing to his demise, I’m a little upset but ultimately resigned to his fate. Appreciate him while you can, people!

The next three episodes are going to have plenty of fireworks at King’s Landing now that Cersei has united the Small Council and who doesn’t want to see a civil war between the crown and the faith?

In saying that, when Game of Thrones starts to really wrap things up, it’s hard to see past Daenerys conquering everything in her path. Whilst she’s been quite static over the last few series, last night reminded us that you don’t want to piss her off. She now has the entire city of Vaes Dothrak at her disposal and if you add that to her current forces, she should be ready to head to Westeros pretty soon. Fire and Blood, bloody hell!

Finally, The Wall has some guests and it was nice to see a group arrive at their intended destination without any of them being murdered. The meeting between Sansa and Jon was heart-warming, especially after everything they’ve both endured and Sansa is really starting to show some of her father’s steely determination. She’s ready for an assault on Winterfell and following Ramsay’s letter, Jon is ready to join her. It’s going to be awesome but I have one criticism.

I don’t want to say the series is becoming predictable but with Jon in particular, he’s suffering a bit of Glenn (Walking Dead) syndrome. He’s been killed off and we all mourned (with silent optimism). Now that he’s alive and kicking again, whatever he does in Westeros is probably going to be a success. The writers just won’t kill him off again as they wouldn’t get the reaction they want from fans, mainly, because they’ve already had it. So expect Winterfell to be back in Stark hands, just in time for the war with the White Walkers. Which, if we’re honest, we’ve wanted that to happen since they were driven out.

And whilst we’re talking about The Wall, what about Brienne and Tormund? Romeo and Juliet, eat your heart out.