King’s Landing is finally showing its teeth.

Well, Cersei is at least and while Kings Landing is heading towards a civil war between the Sept and the crown, the rest of Westeros can continue to wrap up some loose ends.

Episode 2 gave us Jon Snow’s (or should that be Jon Targaryen’s) resurrection and coupled with Bran’s story arc, the fan theories are running wilder than Ygritte trying to escape the Crows.

Jon Snow is alive and naturally, the first thing he decides to do is take out our favourite Welshman and his co-conspirators before relinquishing his command. This poses an intriguing question. Where does Jon go now? We know that he was torn about Winterfell, the Boltons and the North and my bet is that’s where he’s headed. That’s all we know for now but if you read some popular theories, Bran might be able to provide us with some answers sooner rather than later.

Now, I know we shouldn't pay too much attention to theories as they’re simply that; theories. Plus, if you listen to them all, pretty much everyone in Westeros is a Targaryen in some form or another. I've always felt though, and I've not been alone, that there’s something a little bit special about Jon.

Bran and the Three Eyed Raven took us to the Tower of Joy in this episode and we were reunited with an old friend with a pretty perfect rendition of a certain northern accent. It was the pivotal part of the episode and was filmed brilliantly, leaving us salivating at the thought of what answers lay in the tower itself. Some reviews have the view that it’s all progressing at a snail’s pace but I think it’s really helping the series to develop. I just feel like we’re on the verge of getting answers to the questions we've had from the beginning and that kind of feeling is going to keep fans hooked.

Jon and Bran were the main focuses of the episode so there’s not a lot of other bones left to pick over. As alluded to earlier, we've had a bit more of Kings Landing and Cersei is back to her angry phase. She’s ready to go to war with the Sept but only at the right time. The small council is pretty much against her but we've known Cersei for a long time and we know that she’ll get her way at some point. On the Kings Landing note, one character that needs to be given more to do is Jaime. He’s just a bit part at the moment to come up with a few one liners and if he wasn't there, he wouldn't be missed. It’s a real shame because he’s such a brilliant character and has so much to offer the series.

The last big event that happened in this episode (it felt like it should be bigger) was the capture of a character that everyone had long forgotten about in Rickon Stark. We literally have no idea how this is going to play out but as Ramsay doesn't need him for leverage, you’d guess that the youngest Stark is about to be offed. If that does happen, it’ll be a real waste of a potential new story line and with three other Stark’s still in play, I’m still kind of hoping they’ll have their day.

In short, Oathbreaker was lacking in action but took the journey that little bit further. We’re closer to the answers we’re looking for and if things continue along the same path, we might see some real shifts in power come series end.