Warning – This insanely long review contains spoilers. Sorry.

I don’t really know where to begin for tonight’s episode. There was a point when I thought they were cramming too much in but in retrospect, there was only one scene I would have stripped out. See if you can guess which one.

Ok, ok. Calm yourself. You have a review to write.

King’s Landing

Cersei has always been a master at the great game and she’s now played her checkmate move. Whether it was planned to perfection or slightly off the cuff, in one fell swoop, she’s wiped out her biggest enemies and claimed the Iron Throne for herself. I didn’t see that coming and Cersei probably didn’t either. Tommen (despite the prophecy predicting it) committing suicide was unplanned but it’s thrust Cersei into a position of full control.

The whole King’s Landing section was filmed very cleverly. The use of Wildfire, the pure detachment of the reaction to her son’s death, the pure hatred for her former captors; it smacks of King Aerys. Even more so, it explains Bran’s vision of the King a few episodes back.

Moving forward, don’t be surprised to see Cersei slip even further into madness whilst losing Jaime at the same time. Mark my words, that boy is about to become one of the good guys.

In the meantime, Arise, the Mad Queen!


Yea, buddy! Winterfell is back with the Starks! Did anyone else notice that the wolf is back on Winterfell in the opening credits too?

Apart from the touching scene between Sansa and her brother (cousin), and the anointing of the new King in the North, there’s not a lot to cover. The scene when Lyanna Mormont called everyone out was awesome and when the embarrassed Lords all declared for House Stark, I actually had a few tears in my eyes.

If you didn’t, you’re a liar. We’ve all loved Jon since the first episode and we’ve waited 6 whole seasons for him to be accepted.

Beyond the Wall

Yep, Bran finally finalised what we’ve all been thinking. Jon IS the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen (we’re 99.9% certain of the latter).

If we’re honest, we’ve suspected it for a while but boy does it enhance Jon’s claim on the Iron Throne. Marriage to Daenerys perhaps?

The Citadel

Sam found the library.

The Twins

Walder Frey has to be one of the most loathsome characters we’ve ever had in Game of Thrones. He was implicit in The Red Wedding which doesn’t endear himself to us in the first place, but all he does is sit there and gloat. The way Jaime looked and spoke to him pretty much summed up how everyone feels about him and it’s about time he got his comeuppance. The fact that it was a Stark that did it makes it all the sweeter.


Finally, my Queen and the first time I had tears in episode 10. I’ve mentioned Jon’s acceptance in the North but Tyrion is in a pretty identical boat. Again, we’ve waited 6 seasons for Tyrion to be accepted and now he’s Hand of the Queen. It was a moment where he talked about his perceived faults and the watershed moment when he realised that someone genuinely cared and needed him. It was one of the most touching scenes we’ve ever had in Game of Thrones.

Moving swiftly forward and following Varys’ visit to Dorne (and super quick return to Meereen), Daenerys is finally on the road (sea) to reclaim her kingdom. Again, we’ve waited a bloody long time for this and I’m actually pretty cheesed off that I have to wait until April to watch her destroy everyone that stands in her way. First world problems, eh?

What next?

Ok, so here’s my prediction. Everything is set up for the White Walkers to start losing their cool and jump over the wall. I don’t think that’ll happen any time soon though. We’re going to need a whole season for Dany to conquer Westeros. She’s shown that she’s able to unite people through strength and mercy and with the Starks having so many enemies; they’ll join her side (not least with Jon finding out his lineage). She already has Dorne and what’s left of Highgarden so that pretty much just leaves the Lannisters.

Following Dany’s conquering; the season 7 finale will show peace across the Seven Kingdoms. Before the credits roll though, we’ll see The White Walkers breach the wall and enter Westeros, leaving season 8 to be a season long battle to end all battles.

See you in April.