We’ll be reviewing a number of films for Cardiff Mini Film Festival 2017.  The festival takes place from 23rd to 25th June.

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Timicide will be screened in the Comedy category.

Time travel is always a tricky thing to pull off narratively.  Not only do you have to set up the actual story, but then there's the characters to wrangle with all their developments and arcs.  Not to mention defining the rules of your particular chronological displacing, which even Bruce Willis steers clear of "we're going to be here all day talking about it, drawing diagrams with straws."  With this in mind, writer/director Justin Chaloner should have his work cut out, but instead coalesces the elements in a breezy sojourn for Timicide.

They say that time is also the most important factor of comedy.  Even with the right lines, without effective delivery, it's easy to just miss the mark.  The opening of Timicide, is a deliciously awkward application for online dating.  While the vignette positions the tone for the short, it also cleverly sets up our main character, Michael.  He may ramble about cheeses, but his wry comment about the possibility of his mum watching his introducer video or not liking the "outside" is an ingenious way of adding dimension to the character when each second of your short is a premium.

in fact, the naturalistic blathering of Michael hoodwinks you into believing the story will be unfolding quite differently. Believe it or not,we're not here to watch a our hero mangled in a train wreck of a date. Instead he's going to be entangled in a time-travelling tale which takes the tropes of Back to the Future and turns them into something fresh and funny.

When it comes to indie shorts, the glass ceiling of compromise has always been a factor. Timicide  , much like the time paradox it tries to wield, refuses to bow to compromise. Simple the set up may be, but kudos must be giving to the sheer ambition. It's not often you see the same actors in shots playing doppelgängers so successfully in a short with a shoe string budget. Thankfully, Justin Chaloner has the good taste to not marvel at his own achievements and serves the story well.

Against all odds, Timicide is something of a cheeky marvel.