We’ll be reviewing a number of films for Cardiff Mini Film Festival 2017.  The festival takes place from 23rd to 25th June.

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Orchard Road will be screened in the Fiction category.

Orchard Road is a film that colludes with you.  Moments feel like an invitation to see it to the conclusion.  It isn't that the journey is hard or complicated, but you just know there's a secret to be shared before the credits roll.

Things start simple enough.  A father takes his son out.  There's some teasing about girls from school.  However, it's not long before things seem out of place.  By all accounts Queen Elizabeth has stated that Britain's supply of apples are at an all-time low and when they arrive, a sign is quickly covered up while the young boy, Alex, is warned that things may "get sticky".  The mission gets even more intrigue as there's talk of "government spies" and even "KGB".  It seems this isn't just a grand day out, but instead Alex has been tasked to defend "the best apple tree in the whole of Ireland, if not the world."

There is a wonderfully pleasing twist in the tale that will immediately have you reaching for the re-wind and wonder how you missed it.  The worried glance when Alex states his mate from school "got to see Old Traford on his birthday" and the driver refusing to take any money for his part were all pointing to it!  Even if you do guess that the mission is an elaborate pantomime created by the dad as an unorthodox birthday present, it still warms the heart.  Particularly when you realise the dad has nothing else to give.

What writer Leevy Colven and director Ida-Maria Olva end up creating is a staying-of-age story.  One that shows us just how magical it can be to let yourself play in a world of "make believe."