We’ll be reviewing a number of films for Cardiff Mini Film Festival 2017.  The festival takes place from 23rd to 25th June.

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In Motion will be screened in the Factual category.

When talking abut music, "...gets together and makes this awesome noise," may not seem the most eloquent.  However, it's the honest simplicity of father and son narrators, David and Richard Newton, that makes In Motion a remarkably delicate short.

The accomplishment of any short is to effect the audience in a fraction of the running time given features.  In just under three and a half minutes, director Owen Richards allows for David and Richard to tell the musical story of the other.  It would be easy to lead the subjects and manipulate your audience, especially when you have a father and son relationship to explore.  However, Owen Richards invites very honest accounts from each and keeps it interesting by juxtaposing their commentary.  The result is a genuinely warm double-hander of story and observation.  

In Motion manages to cover a range of themes.  Whether David and Richard were interviewed side-by-side or together, Richard's choices of what to include and where make for a delightful journey through anectdotes, "sound like a cliche...but he did," all the way to realisation, "you have that rebellious thing."  That being said, at the real heart of In Motion is how we see a real musical appreciation grow between father and son.  Music is something very personal to everyone and to to watch that unfold in a very personal story is something of a privilege.