Amateur film making doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. Sure, everyone loves a good Hollywood epic but the first point any film should address is its story. Something that by their very nature, amateur films do extremely well.

Events like the Cardiff Mini Film Festival help aspiring directors to get the recognition they deserve. Not only that, but they open up a world so rarely championed in mainstream media. It’s a world that we at Outpost 31 hadn’t visited before but we came away from the screenings having thoroughly enjoyed the day and every film that we watched.

Whilst we were disappointed to have missed the Comedy category, we still felt as though our day had been enriched having watched the other categories; Factual, Music and Fiction.

From Factual, we saw a wide range of documentaries that were though provoking, enlightening and very well put together. From Music, while it doesn’t really sit in our repertoire, we could appreciate the work that had gone in to make the melodies come to life.

Fiction though, is our home. We were excited to see what was on offer and what we found was delight after delight. The quality of the films we saw was fantastic and it’s testament to the talent new film makers have in the UK and further afield. Each film was laced with its own story or narrative, as well as being wonderfully shot and acted. Add those three things together and you’ve already won.

No matter how good the films are, you still need to have the right setting, and Cardiff Mini Film Festival got it spot on. Set across three venues in close proximity, we watched the films in a cosy but un-stuffy setting. It was informal and friendly, well presented and above all, enjoyable.

We’ve already reviewed a number of the films shown and we have a few more to come but we wanted to give some special shout-outs and highlights from our day.

  • Bob & Pontycymer

  • Still Life: Portrait of a Fighter

  • The Art of Throwing

  • Valse Tristan

  • The Croquet Calamity

  • Hugo

  • I Should Have Run

  • Two Feet Tall

  • Stones

  • Harry Stands Up

Those may be our highlights but there wasn’t one film that we didn’t like. And as for the festival overall, we’d recommend it to anyone.