Over the next few weeks we’ll be reviewing a number of films for Cardiff Mini Film Festival. The festival is on June 26th at Chapel 1877.

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Bound is nominated in the Fiction Category.

As a film, Bound is a like a bag of Revels and whilst I’m going to try to avoid the obvious Forest Gump quote, there’s a good chance that everyone that watches it, might come away with something different.

The beauty of Bound is in the lack of dialogue. As a viewer, it treats you as an individual. There are no nods or explanations. It knows that you’re a smart human being with your own thoughts and feelings that bring you to your own opinion. The images do all of the talking and that’s all we need.

Don’t get me wrong, Bound knows what its message is and we learn that at the end. That message though, doesn’t take anything away from what we’ve felt throughout the film. It merely tells us that we were right and that whether you pick out the coffee or the toffee chocolate, the experience and the flavour is still very real.

By achieving that, Bound is a very, very smart film. There are no assumptions, it’s thought-provoking and reminds you just how big our little world is and that every interaction we have, every conversation, every chance meeting, can have the smallest or biggest impact on our lives and who we are as a person.

It’s a film that inspires you to ask someone, a stranger a question; to strike up a conversation on the bus. Sure, we may not know how that interaction will affect the person we’re interacting with but we don’t really need to. Bound tells us that if we’ve brightened up one person’s day, we’ll have brightened up the world.

Created by Lindsay Walker.