We’ll be reviewing a number of films for Cardiff Mini Film Festival 2017.  The festival takes place from 23rd to 25th June.

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Bob's Soul will be screened in the Comedy category.

Hanging up in your bathroom, dead and wearing women's underwear is probably not the first place your mind goes when thinking about comedy.  It's also probably not what you expect when Bob's Soul opens.  Yes, it's clear from the sound that Bob's doing the five-knuckle-shuffle, but when Bob regains consciousness, and we see him in his somewhat depraved glory, it's a sight indeed!

Thanks to the manifestation of Bob's soul (The Office's Ewen Macintosh), we realise that Bob hasn't so much regained consciousness as started his journey to the afterlife.  Sat on the bathroom floor with a belt around his neck, Bob's soul has a few things he'd like to say.  

However, Writer/Director Harry Roth does more than just play for easy laughs.  While it's obvious the tone is not to be taken too seriously, there's still a subtle message for when the laughs finish.  Bob's soul appears as a bearded man in an ill-fitting dress, but we soon learn his appearance is the manifestation of Bob's innermost desires.  Then the exchange Bob has with his soul starts in broad strokes, "I dread to think what Sandra's gonna think when she finds you like this, they're not even her knickers you've got on.  She'd never where anything as kinky as those."  Then we move on to the mundane "And don't even start me on the crappy caravan holidays."  However, it's when Bob's soul really confronts Bob that the layering raises it to another level.  "If you want to wear women's underwear, wear women's underwear.  Don't be ashamed."

Roth is careful enough to commit to the comedy and not beat you over the head with the subtext, but it's not often comedy deftly offers ideas of liberation.