We’ve been reviewing the Walking Dead every week since the new season started and due to the show’s popularity, it’s pretty much set the blueprint for anything post-apocalyptic.

Not so much for the zombie/walker element, rather, it’s held a mirror up to us and told us that that’s what we’d become if we were in that situation. We’re seven seasons in now though and the question that the characters don’t ask enough is: “Do we need to do this?”

Better Men is a post-apocalyptic tale based solely on this very question. It’s something that we could ask ourselves as our day progresses but Better Men asks it in the most extreme of circumstances.

The premise is laid out from the start and if it were a feature length movie or a TV show, it may leave some unanswered questions. As a short film though, we’re beckoned to take it as it is. The world has ended but what kind of person do you want to be?

It has all of the trappings of its genre but that works perfectly to keep us on track with the kind of world we’re watching. Through woodland and derelict houses we can see that society has fallen and that the big win is simply to survive.

That in itself means two things. Naturally, the need to eat is key but Better Men’s brilliantly put together theme is simply surviving your interactions with other people.

As we approach the climax, it’s relatively safe to say that our main character is going to bump into someone else. But that’s what we’ve been building towards and it’s that interaction that will answer the question. The thing is, we may have the answer for that one interaction but on a different day with different circumstances, or even on the same day with the same circumstances but different people, we may have had a different answer.

So, what kind of person are you going to be?

Directed by @TwmBurrows
Cinematography by Dale Southall
Starring Luke Courtney-O’Donnell and George Stephens