Please only read this if you’ve seen the movie.

If you’ve not seen Assassin’s Creed, now’s the time to stop reading.


Ok, we tried to warn you.

It’s fair to say that Assassin’s Creed has its critics. With a current Rotten Tomatoes score of 17%, it’s not universally liked. For us at Outpost 31 though, it’s provided the blueprint that any gaming movie needs to follow. Not only that, but fans of the Ubisoft series seem to be of the same mind.

The way the movie ended hints strongly at a sequel but for the franchise to continue to have our good graces, what do we need to see in that sequel?

In short, it needs to carry on the good work of the original. That is, to mimic the games.

The setting

What’s made the games so successful is that they change with each new release. Sure, Desmond Miles was ever present in the first few but the historical setting was changed up for the main series (Ezio’s side games don’t count).

Whilst Aguilar was a complete badass, the scenes in Spain only took up about a third of the movie so we didn’t really get to build a rapport with his character. That works though and it’ll allow the sequel to push on and follow suit with the games.

We’ve not been given the chance to get to know Aguilar so we won’t technically miss him once we’re presented with a different Assassin.

With the franchise almost 10 years old, it doesn’t leave a lot of notorious historical periods left to plunder. We’ve had The Crusades, the Italian Renaissance, the American Revolution, Pirates, The French Revolution and Victorian London.

It makes more sense for the games to visit eras that the movies have explored rather than the other way around and if the writers can manage to work with something fresh, it’ll only benefit the finished product.

The Pieces of Eden

To accompany that different era, we need a different Piece of Eden. We’ve had the apple, but a different era, as it does in the games, should mean a different artefact to chase.


Character wise, Fassbender was a huge part of why Assassin’s Creed worked so well and he needs to be in the sequel. Whether we start to further explore his own lineage or he’s simply part of the larger Assassin’s Creed doesn’t matter. It’ll add continuity to something that can really work as a movie franchise.

Another key factor is Marion Cotillard. We’ve kind of been kept guessing about her motives and feelings and at this point she could either stick with The Templars or join the Assassin’s Creed. It’s a completely unknown quantity and it adds something different to a relatively straightforward story. If that ‘unknown’ can be kept going for as long as possible, it’s going to keep things really interesting.

On a wider scale, we’ve already been introduced to the big players in the Templar Order. There’s no real point in changing that up and their continued presence, Charlotte Rampling in particular, can lead to a strong finish once it’s time to wrap things up.

So far, Assassin’s Creed has taken $48.3 million at the Box Office which isn’t too bad considering it’s not even been out a week. It’s probably just enough for us to be given a sequel and if it understands what the fans want, we’re going to be in for another treat.