It’s been 7 years since season 8 of 24. Yes, 7 years!

At the time, it was in dire need of a break and Live Another Day highlighted that more than anything. It suffered from a repetitive plot and characters that we grew tired of. Yep, I know that’s controversial but there’s only so much suffering and grimacing I can take from Kiefer.

So based on that, are viewers ready to dive back into a world of intrigue and subterfuge?

The answer is a resounding yes.

Having watched the first three episodes of Legacy, it sticks to the path we’ve been on since 2001. It doesn’t feel stale anymore though. Looking at what’s changed, you have to attribute that to the characters because it almost makes it feel like a completely new show.

Carter (our new Jack) plays the lead role with the brooding, intense nature of an elite soldier and he’s extremely likeable so far. Rather than him being the way he is due to loss, the storyline hints at a touch of PTSD and not only does that show us the effect that condition has, it makes him very real.

It’s in stark contrast to Jack Bauer because no matter how much we all love him, we couldn’t relate to him as viewers. His psyche was a manifestation of his loss and that’s not something that Joe Bloggs has experienced.

We’re still getting to know the other characters but so far, they’ve been strong, Miranda Otto in particular.

The best way for me to describe Legacy so far is this – Everyone has their favourite pair of slippers. Because they’re your favourite, you wear them all the time and naturally, they get a bit worn. Instead of buying a different pair, you buy a new pair of the ones you already have. Whilst they look and feel brand new, you know that they’re the same as your old ones and boy do they feel great!

The point is, whilst the cast might be different, Legacy hones in on all the things we remember from the first eight seasons.

There’s a presidential campaign, moles and police station breakouts. It’s what we expect from 24 and it’s delivered in a fresh way that’ll bring new viewers in and keep the old ones happy.

All of those themes are interwoven into some amazingly shot action sequences that keep you on the edge of your seat. The first episode alone is played out at breakneck speed and you’re not given a chance to think about what’s going on. You play Carter’s story out alongside him and you learn as he does and once each episode ends, you’ll feel like you need to lay down.

The one thing I hope is that it’s not completely separate from the first 8 seasons. There are rumours of a Tony Almeida return and that’ll provide the link to the past without bringing characters back that we don’t need.

By its very nature, 24 is a long season and there’s a long way to go. But, on the evidence of the first three episodes, 24 is taking no prisoners.

I don’t normally give star ratings for TV shows but if it helps to give you an indicator of what to expect, I’ll help you out this one time.

5* - 24 is alive, kicking and is about to rejuvenise action TV.